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Why install a crawl space vapor barrier system?

An unfinished dirt crawl space can present moisture issues, harbor mold and decrease a home’s energy efficiency. Mold Free Now specializes in moisture control, mold remediation, and vapor barrier installation for your crawlspace and attic. Moisture content generated in the crawl space will lead to structural damage and higher energy bills from your dirt crawl space! You could be saving 15% to 25% on your energy cost! That’s a lot of money you could be saving! A fresh Mold Free crawl space that is finished can result in a greener, healthier home.

No smell, No mold and No property damage. The Mold Free Now way! Free from Smells, Mold and property damage.

What is my crawl space used for?

Crawls spaces may appear to serve no or little purpose at all, but in truth they have a few important functions. To start with, a crawl space may have been used in place of a basement to save cost. The crawl space elevates the home off the ground which can be a necessity in particularly damp or termite-prone locations in the south especially. The crawl space can also house the plumbing, electrical, ductwork and HVAC system of a home and grants access to repair or service those systems.

Four steps to eliminating your dirt crawlspace from having any negative effects on the rest of the house

Step One: Fix the water leak

Step Two: Install a anti-microbial vapor barrier – this step is key from going to a nasty crawl space to a nice/fresh crawl space

Step Three: Seal crawlspace vents and other outside air coming in

Step Four: Dehumidify your crawl space air – this is cherry on top!


Energy Savings



Energy Savings

With no water leaks and dry air, materials stay dry in your crawl space for storage! And you can start saving MONEY now!

Could your crawl space be making you sick?